Services We Offer

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Educational Consultation

​​Educational consultation includes collecting educational history, analyzing previous testing, looking at current school status, developing a plan of action, and setting and achieving goals. This also includes helping families understand the special education process such as attending IEP or 504 meetings and collaborating with teachers and schools to address individual needs. All ages are welcome.

Organizational Skill Development

Organizational skill development means helping you or your child complete tasks and turn in schoolwork.

Academic Skill Development

An academic skill development consultation determines strengths and weaknesses to target areas for academic growth.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services provide specific subject based assistance to strengthen understanding of concepts and increase grades.

Behavioral Strategies Development

Behavioral strategy development is for any age, and facilitates success at school and in other life situations.

And Others

GED Preparation & Completion

College Preparation: Application, Essay, & ACT/SAT

Pre-vocational & Vocational Services

Life Skills and Self-Advocacy Development

Adoption Subsidy Program

W.E. Girls Group With MRS

Our Credentials

All services are provided by licensed, certified, credentialed, and experienced professionals who will address individual needs to achieve personal goals.

​These credentials include:

  • Guidance Counselor

  • Certified Teachers

  • College Instructor

  • Computer and Math Engineer

  • Certified Special Education Teachers

  • ​Reading Specialists

  • ESL Certified

  • Published Author

Our Rates

Range of rates: $30 to $100 per hour. Specific rates are determined based on needs, services, and programming.